Dream-Spell Chai

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This black tea variety is a magical blend that captures the essence of Indian Masala Chai, offering a bold and spicy character that's full-bodied, aromatic, and intense. Whether you prefer it as a traditional chai served with milk and sugar or as an invigorating solo drink, Dream-Spell Chai will transport you to a world where spells and enchantments come to life.

Dream-Spell Chai is a testament to Dungeon Brew Coffee's commitment to quality and taste. The blend features a harmonious combination of premium tea leaves and a carefully crafted spice blend, resulting in a tea that's as invigorating as it is captivating. Its high astringency, high body, and high sweetness create a robust and satisfying experience that is perfect for both traditional brewing and modern sipping.

As you brew Dream-Spell Chai, an enchanting aroma fills the air, evoking images of ancient scrolls, whispered incantations, and the smoky fragrance of a mystical potion. The bold spice notes create a sense of warmth and intrigue, while the malty undertones add depth and complexity to each cup.

This black tea variety is versatile, allowing you to enjoy it in the traditional manner, steeped with milk and sugar, or sipped on its own for an invigorating experience. Whether you're seeking a moment of relaxation or a burst of energy for your gaming quests, Dream-Spell Chai offers a journey into a realm where magic and flavor intertwine.

Immerse yourself in the spellbinding flavors of Dream-Spell Chai and let it transport you to a world where each sip is a taste of enchantment and intensity. Dungeon Brew Coffee invites you to embrace the fantasy and gaming feel of this extraordinary black tea, where every cup is a journey into a world of mystique and flavor.

With Dream-Spell Chai, you'll experience a harmonious blend of high astringency, high body, and high sweetness—a true testament to Dungeon Brew Coffee's dedication to crafting exceptional tea blends. Let Dream-Spell Chai be your gateway to a realm of taste and imagination, where every cup is a sip of magical intensity.