Explorer's Essential Ethiopian

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This medium/light roast coffee carries a fantasy, gaming feel, capturing the essence of daring exploration and wondrous discoveries. Named after intrepid adventurers, this extraordinary blend brings the essence of Ethiopia's renowned coffee tradition to your cup.

Explorer's Essential Ethiopian is a testament to Dungeon Brew Coffee's commitment to quality and taste. Sourced from the esteemed Oromia Coffee Farmers Cooperative Union (OCFCU), this variety showcases the rich diversity of Ethiopian heirloom coffee beans, cultivated at altitudes ranging from 1,000 to 2,500 meters. Each bean is meticulously processed through the full natural method, allowing the flavors to develop naturally, before being sun-dried on raised beds.

As you open the bag of Explorer's Essential Ethiopian, an enticing aroma fills the air, evoking images of ancient scrolls, mysterious artifacts, and the vibrant markets of Ethiopian towns. The medium/light roast strikes a delicate balance, preserving the intricate flavors and highlighting the coffee's natural characteristics.

With each sip of Explorer's Essential Ethiopian, you embark on a sensory adventure. The bright acidity awakens your taste buds, reminiscent of the zest of exploration, while the medium body glides smoothly across your palate, reminiscent of the nimbleness of an adventurer navigating uncharted territories. Notes of black tea and cardamom enchant your senses, adding layers of complexity and intrigue, while the subtle hint of blueberry brings a touch of sweetness and indulgence to the brew.

Explorer's Essential Ethiopian is a coffee blend that pays homage to the land of legends and fabled civilizations. It invites you to discover the treasures hidden within each cup, as you immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Ethiopian coffee culture. Dungeon Brew Coffee's dedication to sourcing exceptional beans and careful roasting ensures that every sip of Explorer's Essential Ethiopian transports you to the heart of this enchanting land.

Indulge in the flavors of exploration and embrace the spirit of adventure with each brew of Explorer's Essential Ethiopian. Dungeon Brew Coffee invites you to savor the bright acidity, medium body, and captivating tasting notes of black tea, cardamom, and blueberry. Let this extraordinary medium/light roast be your essential companion on your gaming quests and everyday journeys, igniting your senses and inspiring your imagination.